Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy, Tired, and Awed...

So, I’ve started my blog about 5 or 6 times tonight…I can’t figure out if I want to share how busy I am, how tired I am, or how awed I am. Frankly, none of those seem all that interesting to me…even the awe experience was quite selfish. Seriously, who really cares?

When I was in Victoria visiting mom, she shared with me a story about her homeless friend, Pete. He lives in his van and usually is parked at one of the truck stops on Highway 59. He told her about a man who successfully crossed into Texas from Mexico and hitched a ride underneath an 18-wheeler as far as Inez, Texas. It was the Sunday that cold front blew in. By the time the truck stopped, he was wet and freezing cold. He knocked on the window of Pete’s van and Pete freely shared what food he had, along with dry clothes.

No, we don’t need to talk about how busy or tired or awed I am.

After I left Victoria, I drove up to San Antonio to have a birthday celebration brunch with my eldest son and my future daughter-in-law. Josh (my son) was telling me about the certifications he had received that week – something about a simulator and learning how to evacuate from a helicopter if it hit the water (the certification allows him to go out to the rigs in the gulf). I was just amazed listening to him describe the various scenarios they went through in his training.

No, we don’t need to talk about how busy or tired or awed I am.

On Saturday, after leaving Mom’s house and meeting up with Josh, I got home and then met with a family to plan a memorial service for their patriarch. I had met with him, his wife, and his daughter just two weeks prior…and knew he was terminal. But, the prognosis was at least 2-3 more months. Yet, he died less than two weeks later. There is something I can only describe as holy that happens when I am invited into the lives of people who are hurting or grieving. We celebrated his life today and I honestly cannot imagine what it looks like to move forward after spending nearly 50 years with your childhood sweetheart. She will, I know. Her faith is strong and their relationship was such that she is equipped…but oh my. What an incredible gift to have had that love, that bond, for so long.

No, we don’t need to talk about how busy or tired or awed I am.

In between meeting with the family and officiating the service, my youngest son and I had to make that hard decision about our 21-year old cat. Jasmine – or Jazz – has been part of our family since this son was only 6 months old. This past year, she has certainly shown her age. Six months ago, she had a seizure and we thought, this is it. But, she pulled through. At least until this past weekend. She had another seizure Saturday night and just didn’t come out of it well…she was disoriented and weak. She woke me in the middle of the night and she couldn’t seem to figure out what to do with her limbs. So, after I finished with our morning worship services and returned home, Nate and I agreed it was time to let her go.

It was peaceful and quick…I don’t really think she felt anything other than the peace of knowing she wouldn’t struggle anymore. We brought her home and Nate spent the afternoon digging in our rocky, hard soil so we could bury her. And we did, last evening after our Sunday night worship service.

So, yes I’ve been busy and tired and awed.

Thank you, God, for filling my life with so many who mean so much…for giving me good reason to be busy and tired and awed.

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